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"How I Finally Overcame Candida And How You Can Too"
Dear Friend,

I remember it like it was yesterday...

I just finished eating at a restaurant, and the fatigue and pain in my body was worse than ever.

We barely had enough time to pay the bill and walk out when...

Tunnel vision... I remember falling...

Lights out.
...a few terrifying moments later, I woke up vomiting.
This was the lowest point of my health crisis.

And I couldn't understand, why was this happening to me?

I was doing everything I could to stay healthy...

And nothing was working, as soon as I started to feel a little better, the cycle of pain would start again.
  • I was tired all day, every day.
  • I was in constant pain in my joints.
  • My skin was breaking out everywhere, on my face, on my back, and many other places I was ashamed to admit.
  • My bowels were in constant pain, I had gas, cramps, bloating and had every digestive problem you could imagine.
  • I would get sick all the time, have infections, constant issues with my sinuses, and allergies...
  • No matter how hard I tried to eat healthy, I would always end up eating sugar, my cravings were out of control.
  • I felt like I was living my life behind a constant fog that I could only see through for brief moments at best, and like my body was not my own.
Until This Day:
This day, I had enough, and I desperately started looking for a solution...

You know that saying "When the student is ready, the teacher appears?"


One day, I stumbled upon a ridiculous Facebook Ad.  

The ad was depicting this picture from the movie "Alien" and talking about Candida...
I clicked it.

The website was saying how Candida is much like an "alien invader" in your body.

First it starts as a natural yeast living in your gut.

When you eat a sugar, or carb rich diet or take antibiotics, it can leave the gut and turn into a toxic fungus that grows all throughout your body.

It feeds on your blood-sugar, and pumps deadly toxins into your blood 24/7.

These toxins are  linked to nausea, fatigue, chronic pain, skin problems, digestive disorders, Parkinsons, and many other chronic and debilitating diseases...

The web-site went on to say that systemic candida overgrowth is a silent epidemic.

According to Rice University of Houston Texas, over 70% of people have this problem, are suffering, and don't even know why.


One by one the lights began to turn on, and I began to connect the dots.

I learned that just one round of antibiotics can set you up for a life-time of candida issues...

I then remembered that I spent most of my youth on antibiotics. No wonder!

I finally realized all those carb and sugar cravings I had were not my own.  It was the fungus inside me wanting to be fed.

I began to look at all my symptoms and realised they were all related to candida overgrowth, and that I was at a very advanced stage of candida overgrowth.

What happened next not only altered my health, but altered the path of my life forever.

I contacted the owners of the web-site and learned about their mission and their humble beginnings...

...they started as candida sufferers themselves, and after years of failures, found a surprisingly simple yet highly effective way of cleansing it out of the body.

I learned a shocking fact I'll never forget:
Candida Is a FUNGUS
Living Inside Your Body
...and unless you deal with it the proper way, it can stay in your body indefinitely.

Candida Cannot Be 'Starved' To Death By A Special Diet, It Is Designed To Digest Your Body After You Die
Yes, even if your body dies, Candida will remain and thrive in your body.

Even when you stop breathing, stop eating, the Candida will still be alive inside of you and eat you from the inside out.'s part of the natural process of decay in a dead body.

This means it's a very resiliant beast, if you try to starve it to death, it will typically just bunker up and go dormant.

This is why most "anti-candida diets" or alternative treatments simply don't work.

They only mask the symptoms, once a Candida fungal infection breaks out and latches it's teeth into your tissue, it's there for good unless the root of the problem is addressed.

You may feel better for a short while, however...

...the moment you slip up with your strict diet for one moment, all your cravings, all your symptoms will just explode again.

This is exactly what happened to me every-time I tried to diet! Can you relate?
What's More...
Candida fungus drills holes in your intestinal walls, causing a condition called "Leaky Gut", where the toxins of your intestines slowly spill into your blood-stream. 

This makes things even worse, adds to the fatigue, pain, and creates a domino chain of chaos in your body which can lead to very serious health problems.

Learning all this, I knew I had to do something fast.

I was skeptical, but I decided to give the special cleanse plan a try.

What Happened?

After the cleanse period (which was a journey all in itself)

I lack the words to describe in a few short paragraphs how this cleanse altered my life.

Nothing I say could do it justice.
  • My symptoms were gone.
  • I got my health back.
  • I had energy to go all day long...
  • The pain from my joints, my back, my neck, went away.
  • I had normal digestion....
  • For the first time in my life I felt what it was like to live like a normal human being.
  • I could think clearly again...
  • Many other things improved which I had no idea were candida related (like 20+ years of allergies - gone!)
I was so grateful for what I learned, I decided to dedicate my life to sharing this with others

So in 2013, I joined the Candida Cleanser team.

Being a video producer, I did what I know best, I began to reach out to as many Candida sufferers as possible... friends... family... people I knew from work... 

I started to educate people and we began to document everything, put it on video, and build a massive community to reach out to others, to share this message with others and to show them that it's possible to heal.  If you get this fungus out of your body, everything changes...
You Too Can Do This:
I know you're suffering.

Please know this...

You are not alone. Millions of people silently suffer from Candida and all its symptoms every-day.

You don't have to be one of them any longer.

You too can do this, you too can heal.
There's A Simple, Yet Extremely
Effective Way To Get This Fungus
Out Of Your Body
Here's How 3 Ordinary People Used This Cleanse Plan  To Transform Their Lives
"I Feel Like An Entirely New Human Being..."
Hannah started our program because her health symptoms were making her life a living hell. 

She had suffered from candida overgrowth symptoms most of her life...

Pain in her joints(hips and knees), heavy fatigue and mental fog, gas and bloating after meals, severe abdominal cramps and cystic acne.

She had gone through multiple courses of antibiotics multiple times a year for all the infections she was getting which made her body fertile ground for fungus to take over.
After her cleanse...
Her joint pain is gone.
Her mind is clear and she has energy to go all day long.
Her cystic acne and skin rashes have cleared.
She lost 30lbs of weight
Her allergy symptoms completely disappeared...
She feels like an entirely new human being and has a completely new perspective on her health and her life
"I was in total despair, now I feel like I'm alive again!"
Sandy would constantly get sick, was in a lot of pain, and felt extremely tired all day, she said she felt like "She was 90 years old."

Stomach pains, joint pains, neck and back pain.

No matter how hard she fought, she had severe sugar cravings, and no matter how much she exercised she wouldn't lose a pound.

She had major constipation, bloating, gas, and severe pms symptoms.

Every year she would take numerous antibiotics to cope with the problems she was having, and her body was getting worse and worse...
After her cleanse...
Sandy says: "I went from total despair to feeling like I'm alive again..."
She lost over 20 lbs.
She has her energy back.
Her joint pain, neck pain and back pain have disappeared.
All her sinus congestion has cleared up.
Her digestive issues are gone
"I lived with constant joint pain for most of my life..."
At only two years of age Sheila was riddled with health problems and got arthritis. Sheila grew up through her teens with debilitating joint pain which made it nearly impossible for her to exercise.

Later she developed hives which would constantly flare up on her body and made it very difficult to live.

She came across our education and was excited to learn but remained skeptical until she started her cleanse...
After her cleanse...
Her joint pain completely cleared up
After over a decade of suffering, her skin issues have disappeared.
Her health improved so much, after years of infertility, Sheila was shocked to find out.... she's pregnant! (Congratulations Sheila)
Imagine How Your Life Can Change When This Fungus Is No Longer In Your Body
Like many people who have cleansed candida, you could...
Feel great, finally have energy to go all day long and fully enjoy your life.
Get relief from chronic joint and muscle pain and feel good in your body.
Feel deep peace in your bowels and whole digestive system.
Look amazing, remember skin issues as a thing of the past.
Have crystal clear mental focus
No more sugar and carb cravings, because your mind and body is under your control again.
Get solid real sleep again.

Meet Your Trainer
Patty Yu
Patty Yu
Patty originally started as another candida sufferer looking for help, her life was so impacted by the cleansing support we provide that she joined our team to help others.

Over the past few years she has been instrumental in leading the Candida Cleanser community to new heights, she's gathered over 12,000 people in our community, helped create incredible inspiring videos, and has walked thousands of folks through the cleanse to success. 

She'll be your key guide in this healing process. You're in the right hands! Join our FB Support Group at the top of the page and search #CCWSWIN for member success stories!
We are a mission driven team deeply passionate about helping people from within.  We're on a mission to help one million candida suffers, and to connect people to powerful health breakthroughs.

Over a decade ago we were a handful of people collaborating with international world famous spas and resorts in Koh Samui, Thailand(the capitol of the world in terms of detox and rejuvenation.) We were trying to find a way to help people with systemic Candida infections… and after many failures we came across very powerful information that led us to something that worked.

As of today we’ve helped over 18,000 people and have attracted success stories from people all over the world, we’re getting there, one person at a time.
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