The CCWS Candida Cleanser 
Protocol Instructions
Here is our reference vault of everything you need to know to get started with your cleanse including the 45 day Candida Cleanser protocol, how to use ZEOCO and EM-PRO, dietary recommendations, how to properly prepare for the cleanse, and how to mitigate die-off if it should occur.

The Candida Cleanser

The Candida Cleanser protocol is a 45 day treatment consisting of 3 loading periods.
Each loading period is 5 days.  During this time you take 1 CCWS capsule 4 times a day. Each capsule needs to be taken with 14 grams of fat because the active ingredient, Lufenuron, is fat soluble. 

If you don't take the cleanse with fat, the cleanse will not work! Avoid MCT oil (in coconut oil) on your loading days. These fats metabolize differently in the body and do not help to absorb the Candida Cleanser.

This 5 day 'loading period' is followed by a 10 day "off period" - this is one cycle.

Repeat this cycle 2 more times, 5 days on 10 days, 5 days on 10 days off, for a total of 45 days. It helps to track your days on a calendar during the protocol. Cleanse smart and keep track.

If you purchased one of the complete cleansing packages, The Full Package or Family Pack, which includes our detox support and probiotic formula, below are detailed instructions of how to incorporate these supplements into your Candida Cleanser protocol.
**Note: The last 10 day 'off period' is omitted from the calendar example above.

"Doubling Up"
Some people find that taking 1 capsule 4 times a day is a bit difficult to do because they don't eat that often. For those who have a hard time keeping up with the dosing schedule, you can adjust the protocol to something we call doubling up; Take 2 CCWS capsules 2 times a day. 

But if you do this, you have to DOUBLE UP on the fat as well. Eat 28 grams of fat with the 2 capsules of CCWS. 

**If you have a hard time swallowing pills you can open up the capsules and sprinkle the powder on your food. The powder has no taste to it.

Continue reading and learning about the science behind Lufenuron, the protocol, dietary recommendations, and what fats work best to take with the CCWS capsules here. [...]

How To Take ZEOCO
ZEOCO is a powerful combination of zeolite clay and activated charcoal which is used to help alleviate symptoms of die-off by attracting and encapsulating the toxins Candida releases when it dies to assist in expelling them out from the body. 

Take one capsule up to 4 times a day at least 2 hours away from any Candida Cleanser capsule.

DO NOT take it simultaneously with your Candida Cleanser capsule or EM-PRO. If taken at the same time it will simply absorb the other supplements. The best time to take ZEOCO is on the 10 days off. If you experience die off symptoms during your 5 day loading period you can still take ZEOCO, just make sure you take it at least 2 hours apart from any Candida Cleanser capsule.

How To Use EM-PRO
EM-PRO is short for effective micro-organism probiotic. This probiotic formula can be taken straight away, both on our days on and off, to begin restoring balance to your microbiome and help your body fight off Candida. You can take EM-PRO with your Candida Cleanser capsules. 

Start with 1/8 - 1/4 of a teaspoon with water 2x a day with meals. Over time you can increase the dose to 1 tsp.

Do NOT take with ZEO-CO.

*Take a periodic 1 week break when using this product , 1 week on, 1 week off.
*Once opened keep in the refrigerator.
Learn the proper application and varies ways you can use nature's most potent probiotic. Bring balance and diversity back to your microbiome, eliminate Candida, heal chronic digestive issues, use it in your garden, water your plants, and so much more! [...]

Preparing For The Cleanse
Upon purchase of your Candida Cleanser package you receive a complimentary 8 part video-coaching series guided by our in-house holistic health coach, Aga Postawska, who will lead you through the necessary steps to optimize your body for cleansing. Here are a few steps you can take right now.

1. Remove all processed foods, sugars, fruit, grains, and starchy carbohydrates from your diet. To prepare for the cleanse and accelerate healing, we recommend an eliminate diet to help you identify your food sensitivities and to begin healing leaky gut.

Read these two blog posts explaining the GAPS Diet and Bone Broth Therapy. These are excellent resources which include recipes and shopping guide lists.

2. Supplement with probiotics. EM-PRO is the probiotic that comes with the Full and Family Pack of the Candida Cleanser. If you did not purchse the EM-PRO it is important that you take a high CFU (colony forming units) count probiotic daily.

3. Take liver supporting herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion. Other supplements like NAC, to boost glutathione levels, and Alpha-lipoic acid are helpful as well.

4. Start taking detox supports like ZEOCO
, or other toxin-binding powders like activated charcoal, bentonite clay, or diatomaceous earth.

5. Take Epsom salt baths regularly to help relax the body, detox the system, and absorb the much needed nutrient magnesium.

To dive deeper into these cleanse preparation steps refer to this article: 6 Tips To Start Healing Candida Naturally Right Now and watch this interview with Patty and Aga, our team leaders: Essential Cleanse Acceleration with Candida Cleanser's Health Coach

Dealing With Die-off
During your cleanse as Candida begins to die-off it releases hazardous metabolic byproducts faster than your body can excrete them and something called die-off can occur. This is a very common and normal part of the detoxification processCommon symptoms of die-off feel like the average flu: achy joints, fatigue, sore throat, excess mucus. 

Sometimes you may experience an outburst of your past health issues: thrush, strep throat, ear infections, acne, rashes... these are all common symptoms of the Candida dying and fighting back as your immune system works to exterminate it. 

At this time it is important to stick with your sugar-free diet, liver supports, detox supports, probiotics, and epsom salt baths. To learn more about die-off and additional protocols to support your cleanse, read this earlier blog post: 5 Lifelines To Use When Candida Die-Off Hits You Harder Than Expected

Other Great Resources
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