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When was the last time you spoke to a health profession who recognized Candida as a health condition and took your concerns seriously? 

Our coaches understand the toll this pathogenic infection has on your body and what it truly takes to successfully heal from it because they've done it themselves!  Patty & Aga know the in's and out's of the Candida Cleanser protocol and are here to support you on your healing journey.
Cleanse Support Calls
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Each session is 40 minutes
Choose who you'd like to work with, Patty or Aga.
& then schedule your sessions in for whenever you need support.

Meet Your Coaches
Aga Postawska
Aga is a certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and has been working along side Candida Cleanser since 2014. Her own health was radically transformed back in 2012 when she tried the cleanse herself and finally eliminated Candida— which she'd been struggling with her entire life!

Aga recovered from a Stage 4 infection and knows from experience what it takes to not only make a full recovery, but how to properly nourish and support the body, mind, and spirit in order to maintain thriving health long after the cleanse is complete. Over the years she's been and incredible support; coaching clients privately, developing gut-healing protocols, writing our blog articles, while offering guidance to our community and...

... within a few short weeks she is about to launch the VIP Group Coaching Program for Candida Cleanser!

Today she empowers her clients to reclaim their health, power, and passion to live from a place of fullness and peace. Aga is also a certified Yoga Teacher, Kambo Practitioner, and an Intuitive Healer. Work with Aga to not only heal your gut, but transform you life!

Patty Before & After
 The CCWS Cleanse
Patty Yu
Patty originally started as another candida sufferer looking for help. After discovering Candida Cleanser in 2013 and experiencing her own life changing results, she became an avid supporter of our community, coaching others through gut healing, cleansing, and detox for the past six years, while also, with her newfound health, becoming a certified Yoga teacher, ThetaHealer, Reiki Energy Practitioner, as well as a certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach. 

Having gone through the difficult process of recovering from a Stage 4 Candida overgrowth herself, Patty has a deep personal understanding of what it takes to get long lasting results, and applies deep wisdom only learned through experience to all of her coaching. She has personally coached many of the success stories you see on our website!

We are a mission driven team deeply passionate about helping people heal. Over a decade ago we were a handful of people collaborating with international world famous spas and resorts in Koh Samui, Thailand (the capital of the world in terms of detox and rejuvenation).

We were trying to find a way to help ourselves with systemic Candida infections… and after many failures we came across very powerful information that led us to something that worked, and we began to share it with others!

As of today we’ve helped over 18,000 people and have attracted success stories from people all over the world.
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