"How I Finally Ended My Lifelong Suffering With Candida, And How You Can Too... "
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So, what exactly is Candida? And why is it so hard to get rid of?
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Over 18,000 Clients, Real-Life Video Case Studies, Hundreds of Real Testimonials and a 5,700+ Strong Online Community... Must Mean Something:
Over 18,000 Clients, Real-Life Video Case Studies, Hundreds of Real Testimonials and a 5,700+ Strong Online Community... Must Mean Something:
Video Case Study:
Hannah's Triumph Over Candida
Press play to watch Hannah's touching story:
Hannah started our program because her health symptoms were making her life a living hell. 

She had suffered from candida overgrowth symptoms most of her life...
Uncontrollable sugar cravings.

Pain in her joints (hips and knees), heavy fatigue and mental fog, gas and bloating after meals, severe abdominal cramps and cystic acne.

She had gone through multiple courses of antibiotics multiple times a year for all the infections she was getting, and this made her body fertile ground for fungus to take over.
After she cleansed Candida out of her body...
Her joint pain is gone.
Her mind is clear and she has energy to go all day long.
Her cystic acne and skin rashes have cleared.
 She lost a ton of unwanted weight. (Watch her story to find out exactly how much)
 Her normal seasonal allergy symptoms are not present!
 She feels like an entirely new human being and has a completely new perspective on her health and her life.
Video Case Study:
"I was in total despair, now I feel like I'm alive again!"
Press play to hear how Sandy's transformed her health
Sandy would constantly get sick, was in a lot of pain, and felt extremely tired all day.  Before she started her cleanse she said she felt like she was 90 years-old.

Stomach pains, joint pains, neck and back pain.

No matter how hard she fought, she had severe sugar cravings, and no matter how much she exercised she wouldn't lose a pound.

She had major constipation, bloating, gas, and severe pms symptoms.

Every year she would take numerous antibiotics to cope with the problems she was having, and her body was getting worse and worse...
 Sandy says: "I went from total despair to feeling like I'm alive again..."
 She lost over 20 lbs.
 She has her energy back.
 Her joint pain, neck pain and back pain have disappeared.
 The sinus congestion she was suffering from cleared up.
 Her digestive issues are gone
Video Case Study:
Sheila's Return To Health
Press play to see hear Sheila's transformative journey...
At only two years old, Sheila was riddled with health problems and even developed arthritis. Sheila experienced debilitating joint pain through her teens which made it nearly impossible for her to exercise.

Later she developed hives which would constantly flare up and make the basic tasks of everyday life very difficult.

She came across our Candida education and was excited to learn, but she remained skeptical until she started her cleanse...
 Her joint pain completely cleared up
 After over a decade of suffering, her skin issues have disappeared.
 Her health improved so much that after years of infertility, Sheila was even able to conceive! (Congratulations Sheila)
BONUS #1: Join Our Thriving Facebook Community of 5,700+ Amazing People Who Will Support And Cheer You On During Your Cleansing Journey!
Join Thousands of Others Just Like You Who Have Gone Through
This Candida Cleanse And Will Help Inspire and Motivate You!
Join Thousands of Others Just Like You Who Have Gone Through This Candida Cleanse And Will Help Inspire and Motivate You!
When you want to succeed in something, nothing is more powerful than being part of a collective group of likeminded people who share your values and want to heal just as badly as you do.

This is why we've created our private Facebook support group for our clients, which has exploded in popularity over the past 4 years.

The group is full of truly amazing people who either are or have already gone through this cleanse and are there to help you succeed.

Just imagine what it would be like to have access to thousands of people who are positive, supportive, and who understand what you're going through?
Many of our clients have said that this community was the key to their success, as the emotional support and friendships they've built here have been life-changing.
Here's just a small sample of the inspiring stories
and positive support happening within the group!
Here's just a small sample of the inspiring stories and positive support happening within the group!
When you order your Candida cleanse kit today, you will immediately get access to our private support group - come join us today!
FREE Bonus #2:
 8 Day Pre-Cleanse Gut Healing Video Coaching Program To Optimize Your Body For Cleansing
When you get your Candida Cleanse kit today, you'll also be granted immediate access to our 8 part pre-cleanse preparation video coaching program, created by our in-house holistic health coach.

Each video is short and packed with easy-to-implement action steps, the course is designed to be viewable on any device, so you can watch it at home or on the go!

You'll learn the #1 most important thing you can do right now to prepare as well as the most effective dietary protocol to heal leaky gut while working to rid the body of Candida.

By the time your cleanse arrives at your door, you'll know what to do during the cleanse, how to mitigate die-off symptoms, and how to continue healing long after your cleanse is finished.
You'll discover:
 How to quickly charge up your immune system before the cleanse.
 What to do to reduce inflammation in your body.
 The key to strengthening your liver function and detox pathways.
 How to reinforce the integrity of your gut lining.
How to diversify your gut flora to really help your gut fight candida overgrowth.
All of these components are absolutely vital to the Candida cleansing process and overall healing effect. 
 Try It Risk Free With Our Iron Clad 90-Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee:
We so firmly believe in and stand behind our product and service that Candida Cell Wall Suppressor comes with a 90 day, results or 100% investment returned guarantee! Here's our guarantee:

Your purchase of Candida Cell Wall Suppressor comes with a 90-day results or 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. When the product arrives at your door (not just when your order), you have a full 90 days(3 months) to try the product out and see if it lives up to our claims and what you've read here.

Simply follow the usage protocol we provide with the product, follow our pre-cleanse coaching videos, and read all the additional educational material about Candida that will arrive in your email after purchase.

If after following the protocol with Candida Cell Wall Suppressor you do not feel a remarkable difference in how you feel and your Candida-related symptoms do not improve, simply contact us and we'll promptly and happily return your investment. No questions asked.
It's Easy To Get Started...
Here's two optional tricks to make your
cleanse more enjoyable:
Many of our clients have found that using these two special supplements, in combination with Candida Cell Wall Suppressor, makes the cleansing process a lot more pleasant during the Candida die-off phase.
ZeoCO Natural Detox Support
ZeoCO Detox Support is a unique mix of charcoal and Zeolites that, when used during the course of the treatment, will provide essential minerals that help to filter your system and usher out the toxins released by the dying fungus.

Zeolites work by absorbing toxins from the blood from the Candida die-off, plus they also absorb a variety of other toxic materials like heavy metals and radiation.
EM-PRO Probiotic
EM-PRO Probiotic helps to boost your immune system during the "healing crisis," and keeps "good bacteria" needed to compete with Candida elevated.

It utilizes a cutting-edge Japanese technology, and includes a broad spectrum of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes, and all of their metabolites produced during fermentation to provide a more complete probiotic that delivers maximum benefits to the digestive system.

The beneficial organisms in EM-PRO compete against Candida and other pathogens and thereby reduces the amount of toxins they release.  EM-PRO also boosts your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and antioxidants for better overall health.

We provide both of these for you in our full package and family package.
Ready to be Candida-free?
Claim your life and wellness today!
We highly suggest you use our Zeolite and Charcoal supplement (ZeoCo) as well as Effective Micronutrient Probiotics (EM-PRO) during your cleanse, because these help you usher the toxins released by the dying Candida out of the body, and therefore shorten the "healing crisis" you might go through.

You'll be able to kill the fungus while relieving a lot of the Candida die-off symptoms, making your whole Candida cleanse and detox a lot more pleasant!

Remember your order is backed by our 90-day results or 100% money-back guarantee.

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery because we ship from Koh Samui, Thailand where Candida Cleanser was developed..

Once your order arrives, please follow our treatment protocol which is printed on the bottle. You'll also receive all the instructions through email and our pre-cleanse preparation coaching videos so you're never left guessing.

The treatment protocol is simple. Just take Candida Cell Wall suppressor with food, 4 times a day, for 5 days. You then take a break for 10 days and repeat the cycle 2 more times, each time with a 10 day break between.

How many times can you say "I'll do it tomorrow"?
How many times can you
say "I'll do it tomorrow"?
At this moment, we're standing at a crossroads, you and I.

I want to be your partner in better health. We'll do it as a team OR you can you can go at it alone, and take your chances with Candida, and continue to suffer through the pain and discomfort which brought you here in the first place.

People who don't know what you've learned today have to live with these maladies. You do not. Not anymore. This is your chance to claim your life and your wellness back.

Take action now. Join our thriving community. And please let me hear from you soon.

To place your order, simply choose one of the packages below.
Choose The Cleanse Kit That's Right For You:
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Single Bottle
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1 x Candida Cell Wall Suppressor
Pre-Cleanse Preparation Videos
Private Online Support Community

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Full Package
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1 x Candida Cell Wall Suppressor
1 x Zeoco Detox Support
1 x EM Pro Probiotics
Pre-Cleanse Preparation Videos
Private Online Support Community

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Family Package
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Family Package
Save $48!
2 x Candida Cell Wall Suppressor
2 x Zeoco Detox Support
1 x EM Pro Probiotics
Pre-Cleanse Preparation Videos
Private Online Support Community

Regular $247

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As soon as you order, join our private Facebook community, and begin to implement the simple yet powerful actions in your pre-cleanse preparation video series, you'll see that you start feeling better! 

Just the information alone in our pre-cleanse preparation videos is priceless, as you will learn how to start optimizing your gut-health for triumph over Candida.

Then, when your package arrives, and you begin your candida cleanse, go through the healing process and come out the other side... you will experience a whole new you!

You will be finally liberated, staying well and away from the money-hungry medical machine by reducing the symptoms Candida is responsible for.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter,

Happy healing!

- Patty Yu
Candida Cleanser Community Leader

P.S.: There's no other Candida-fighting solution like this on the market.

Candida fungus is protected by a powerful chitin layer that's virtually impossible for your immune system to penetrate. Other Candida cleanses do not address the root of the problem, as they simply put the fungus into a dormant state. The fungus can sit dormant for years, waiting to flare up again. And it always does eventually.

Start today! Get your energy and your life back, please click here to get your starter kit.

P.P.S.: Remember, Candida Cell Wall Suppressor comes with a full 90-day (that's 3 months!), money-back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and only your energy and your life to gain.

Please don't delay. If you don't act today, you might be looking back at this moment in the future, when it's too late, wishing you took action. Click here to start taking control of your body and your life now!
P.P.P.S: Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:
How do I know if I have Candida?
Everyone has Candida in their gut. It is natural and necessary. The problem arises when the Candida yeast in the gut manages to invade the bloodstream and develop into another form - Candida fungus.

Due to Candida being ever present in our bodies in the yeast form, it makes it more difficult to test as you cannot differentiate between fungus and yeast.  A blood test is the only reasonably reliable testing method.

Our advice is that if you have several of the signs and symptoms of Candida infection then you most likely have a Candida infection.
What is Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor made of?
Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor is a pharmaceutical grade laboratory created inert compound ("Lufenuron") extracted with natural palm oil methods that acts solely on Chitin-based organisms such as Candida.

This is NOT to be confused with the agricultural grade Lufenuron used for insecticide use created with chemical solvents. Our Lufenuron is certified by the SGS with a 99.3% purity.  

Lufenuron is not broken down by the human body into any other chemical form and it does not cause any reaction for human bodily systems.
What diet should I follow?
You should follow a healthy, low-sugar diet, but one that does not restrict you too excessively.  We outline the perfect diet during the cleanse in our pre-cleanse preparation video series, walk you through everything and help you implement it step-by-step.  The cleanse will work whether you follow the diet or not, but for best results, we recommend following the diet during the cleanse as it will really give Candida the knock-out punch.
Why do I need to take Candida Cell Wall Suppressor with fat-rich foods?
By taking the treatment with fat-rich food, you ensure the uptake of the compound into your fat cells. This means that during the 10 days rest periods (when you are not taking the supplement), your fat cells will slowly release the treatment into your bloodstream. This means that there is a constant  level maintained in your body that's disabling Candida.

We recommend the following high-fat foods: Avocado, full fat cheese, full fat yogurt or full fat milk. Animal fats works fine as well. A dish cooked with lots of oils is a very good way of making sure Chitin synthesis inhibitor is taken into your fat tissues for slow release.
How does Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor kill Candida?
Chitin Synthesis Inhibitor does not kill the fungus. What it does is make the fungus vulnerable to attack by your own immune system. By following the treatment, your own white blood cells will finally be able to lay siege to the fungal colonies. The treatment removes the fungus' ability to generate the Chitin layer, which otherwise makes the fungus so difficult to treat.
What do I do if I forget a dose?
If you miss a day's treatment, it will not have too much of an effect. Just continue the course as usual. Any more than one day's treatment missed and it may give the fungus opportunity to "raise its shields" again.
Do I need anti-fungals also?
No, y do not have to take antifungals with the cleanse treatment.
Why is the treatment in three parts?
The treatment is designed to keep the Chitin inhibitor working in your body even during the 10-day rest periods. We feel that, as this treatment does not directly kill the fungus but is in fact making it vulnerable to your immune system, then you need to give your body as long a time as possible to properly launch its attack on the fungus and neutralize all colonies.
Is it suitable for pregnant women?
We do not recommend this treatment for pregnant women or women who are breast feeding.
What are the side effects?
The treatment has no side effects. However, a die-off reaction can occur, or "healing crisis," which is often confused with being a side-effect. Candida die-off, sometimes referred to as the "Herxheimer Reaction," occurs when the excess Candida in our system literally "die off" and, as a result, release toxins at too rapid a rate for our bodies to process and eliminate.

This process can be eased by using Zeo-Co detox support and EM-PRO probiotic together with Candida Cell Wall Suppressor.

As the body works to detoxify, you may experience many flu-like symptoms, but these are temporary and are often considered a positive sign as they indicate that the Chitin synthesis inhibitor is actually working and Candida is dying.
Will I need to take a second course?
We recommend a second course only for people with severe symptoms beyond Stage 2.   If you suspect you have advanced Candida symptoms, we recommend upgrading your order to at least two bottles and using them back-to-back (for a 90-day treatment).

We've had many people with severe Candida symptoms do one round of the cleanse, feel incredible results, and continue to do a second cleanse only to reach an even higher level of health and clarity.

If you are at an advanced level of Candida infection, don't get discouraged, remember it took time to get ill, it will take time to get better, but with this cleanse you have a really powerful tool to speed up the process, and an incredible world-wide community to support you in your process!
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90-Day Money Back Guarantee
Your purchase of Candida Cell Wall Suppressor comes with a 90-day, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Follow the usage protocol and try it for a full year. If after following the protocol with Candida Wall Suppressor you do not feel a remarkable difference in how you feel and your Candida-related symptoms do not improve, simply contact us and we'll promptly and happily return your investment.
We are a mission driven team deeply passionate about helping people heal. Over a decade ago we were a handful of people collaborating with international world famous spas and resorts in Koh Samui, Thailand (the capital of the world in terms of detox and rejuvenation).

We were trying to find a way to help ourselves with systemic Candida infections… and after many failures we came across very powerful information that led us to something that worked, and we began to share it with others!

As of today we’ve helped over 18,000 people and have attracted success stories from people all over the world.
Meet Our Community Leader: Patty Yu
Patty originally started as another candida sufferer looking for help, her life was so impacted by the cleansing support we provide that she joined our team full time to help others.

Over the past few years she has been instrumental in leading the Candida Cleanser community to new heights, she's helped us create incredible resources to aid others, video case studies of clients, and has walked thousands of folks through the cleanse to success.

She'll be your key guide in this healing process. You're in the right hands!
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