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Dear Friend,

If you’ve been looking for a solution for parasites, and haven’t known where to look, then this will be the most important message you read this year, and perhaps the most meaningful purchase you make...

Over the past few years, thousands of our clients, perhaps even yourself, have asked us if we could recommend a powerful Parasite Cleanse cleanse on top of our Candida cleanse.

Hopefully by now, as you have seen by the overwhelming mountain of evidence of the past few years, the video case studies, our 6,000+ strong Facebook community, testimonial after testimonial of lives transformed...

When we formulate something: It doesn't just work.  It changes lives.

Because we are committed to ONLY producing cutting edge-breakthroughs. Not crap, sugar pills, or water-downed supplements

It’s for this reason that our products aren’t cheap, and that we only launch a new product once every few years, and why we put so much attention into supporting our community.

We would rather have you buy something once and enjoy freedom and health indefinitely, than spend thousands on useless half-measures.

These types of products usually mean going against the grain, and upsetting quite a few apple-carts, so we go to great lengths to stand our ground and promote them even in the face of adversity and violent attacks on our name.

Now, Joshua, our in-house researcher, and the formulator of CCWS has formulated our own, powerful, 100% natural, potent and highly effective parasite cleanse which wipes out parasites at both egg and adult stages without the headaches and nausea of drugs.

Believe me, it works. And we'll be releasing all of the details about it in just a few days.

We’ve had this parasite cleanse on the “back-burner” for well over a few years, but quite frankly, our hands were so full with CCWS and Candida that we never put much effort into getting it out there.

We are launching it now.

The cleanse normally sells for $97.  When you purchase this week, you can save up to 40% on the cleanse.

And there’s more...
For Every Cleanse Sold, We Will Donate Enough To Help Deworm 3 Children In Africa
Over the years, we've made a sizeable impact by helping thousands of people cleanse of Candida... however, it's not enough.

We want to do more.

This year marks a major moment for us, as we want to align our efforts with greater causes, bigger and beyond ourselves.

We have used GiveWell to find an epic cause that is very aligned with our mission.
If you’re not familiar with Givewell, they are an organization that vets charities and finds the winners, as we all know most charities are corrupt money confiscating organisations where 99% of the money goes to administrative costs.  This is not the case when you one donates through Givewell.
Through Givewell, we found The END Fund, which is a private philanthropic initiative committed to controlling and eliminating the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases. (Play the touching video above to see their story.)

For every parasite cleanse sold will be donating $5 to the END fund, directly  to their deworming initiative.

The END Fund is a very efficient and 100% transparent organization, their cost of de-worming a child is $1.55 per treatment, and for every $5 donated, roughly $4.50 goes towards treatment and only $0.50 towards administrative costs.

This week, take a giant leap forward in your health, finally do the Parasite cleanse that you've been "thinking" of doing, and let's make an impact and set a positive example, together.

Thank you for your support, and happy healing!

Patty Yu
Community Leader
We're Going Live On Friday, January 27th!
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